About Us

Ladies, we’ve all been through the same struggle ‐ we get ready for a night out and your handbag is never the right size, colour or too bulky, it’s your wedding and you want to take selfies but can't carry your phone down the isle! Or, you’ve been in a country where you just don’t feel completely safe and you want to keep things like your passport/cash in a safer spot than in your bag.

Introducing SASSY STASH® – the new, must-have, garter accessory that combines fashion and functionality to store your essentials.

Developed and patented, SASSY STASH® was designed for all the ‘sassy’ ladies out there ‐ not to replace your handbag entirely, but as an additional accessory for convenience.

The delicate, Italian‐inspired lace mimics the sophisticated lingerie that all women love and the signature silicone grip ensures your valuables are held in place to let you keep your hands free.

For more information contact us: team@mysassystash.com