How many times do we find ourselves in need of refreshing our lipsticks or dabbing a bit of blush on our cheeks?

How often do we check our phones and feel the need to have our phones with us all the time?

Isn’t it tiring to carry around a huge bag of essentials everywhere you go?

That’s the problem every other girl faces and let’s give you a very smart and effective way to solve all of these problems in one go. 

Leave behind your hand bags and embrace the newest trend.

Yes, we are talking about - Behold - the Sassy Stash!

What is Sassy Stash?

Sassy Stash is an impeccable, intricate lacy garter with delicate embroidery that not only gives you a sexy, alluring look but provides you with a prefect alternate for a handbag. It provides you a substitute for a purse, never compromising on your style but instead, adding immensely to it. Sassy Stash, brainchild of a group of girls, aims at providing a secure and attractive way to store the most essential items that you carry around almost all the time.

Sassy Stash Black

Who wants to carry a handbag all the time anyway?

Carrying around handbags or clutches and taking care of these added on items is not an absolute requirement anymore. You don’t need to find matching purses every time you go out, Sassy Stash to the rescue!

Replacing traditional handbags, pouches or clutches, Sassy Stash is the new trend, the new way to carry yourself in hassle-free but stylish manner.

What’s more?

Sassy Stash has not just one, but three different designs from which you can select to suit your needs.

Alexa sassy stash

Metallic-kissed embroidery and delicate lacework is the ultimate combination you can find in Alexa.


Lily has fine, intricate lacework that can uplift your mood in no time.


Sienna, the Italian-inspired lace is the perfect choice for a romantic night out.

Sassy Stash is also available in 3 different colors.

Sassy Stash is available in one size that can fit most and the Silicone grip ensures that your valuables are safely held in one place. The quality material ad intricate designs are attractive and eye-catching.

Sassy Stash has in-built pockets that can store your most essential, indispensable items that include not just your lipstick, credit card, ID card, makeup but also your CELLPHONE! Isn’t that a relief? You wouldn’t want to carry a purse just for your cellphone, nor can you keep it away from yourself. Yes, we’ve all been there. Carrying around these items won’t be hassle anymore.

Here’s an offer we’re making that you won’t be able to refuse.

We are giving away free Sassy Stash to bloggers from all around the world.

Yes, FREE Sassy Stash!

We welcome active bloggers with active blogsites to take part in this and win a chance to get your hands on free Sassy Stash. All you have to do is write a review! Fill out the form below and we'll get in touch with you.

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So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go handsfree! Just relax and Sassy Stash will take care of the rest.
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